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Every One thinks the bermuda triangle is haunted. And thats that. But the question is...Is it TRUE?

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So is it haunted? No. thats what they want you to think. The Ekaterina's have speical ways of making Things just well... Happen. And the Bermuda Triangle is one of them. But why you ask? Well there are clues hidden there and we dont want ANYONE getting them. How many do i have you ask? 23. yes you read right 23. And yes the picture is the Bermuda Triangle from the Island in the middle of it....... Anyway you really really dont want to go there. if you do and you are a Thomas or janus or even a Lucian were gonna get you..... Now listen if you are an ekat then you are on the safe side. but still i dont sugest trying. Now im an Ekaterina myself and just in case you were wondering not all of us are Evil most of us are actually Good including me(Melody Peck),Stella(last name unknown),Gabby Gregg,Alistar Oh,Abraham Lincolin,Thomas Edison,Nikola Tesla and Maybe even Amy Cahill! and many others!!Well..If you are reading this then you are probably Good too! Unless of course if you are a pysco or a maniac...either way you should fell VERY proud to be an Ekaterina! Cause you know we ARE the smartest branch!! And we ARE going to win this race!! GO EKATS!