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Sorry on the name its supposed to SYMBOL with an M!

The Symbol!Edit

Why is the Symbol a Dragon? Why is it Orange? Why are we called Ekaterina's? These are the questions you are wondering! And they ALL

will be anwserd! Ok first Why is it a Dragon? The reason the dragon is there is because it symbolizes power smarts and grace! Sense the Ekaterina's Are all smart then thats one reason why we have it! Another is it symbolizes power and sense Anciet Egypt was the most powerfull Empire thats another reason!(The Ekats originated from Egypt).Another Is because it Symbolizes grace and beutey.when doing scince you dont have to be all uptight and stuff you need to keep your midna wide open otherwise you wont discover new things! Just like if the Cahill's Werent Creative then how would they know about the 39 clue's?Hmmm?

Now why is it Orange?The reason its orange is because in Anciet Egypt Orange symbolizses Sand and desert areas and sense Egypt is in the desert there must be alot of sand right? Another reason is because it means Creativeity and Adventure! Now what fun would scince be if you didnt get to try new things right?it also means happieness and joy! What fun would scince be if you didnt get to enjoy it! I'LL tell you one thing it would NOT be very fun! dark orange means lieing and deception because thats what Ekats have to do! I mean the hole Bermuda Triangle thing WOW! Red orange at the bottom of dragon means domination and thirst for action! And gold at the top of the dragon means wisdom!

Now why are we called Ekaterina's? Because our founder was Kathrine Cahill and she most likely thought we shouldn't be called the Kathrineina's Don't ya think?It also means pure...As in the Ekaterina's Chemicals are very pure! And Ekaterina is also Russian and Greek for Kathrine! The Name Katerina is VERY popular and Ekaterina not so much she probably did that so people would not get confused!!